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#22 Adriana by
Dani Cator
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remember when Liam was so stressed bc he ruined a girls innocence





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nialls-nandos-horan asked: Can you give me a shoutout to tell people to request one direction imagines from me

Sorry it took so long to reply. If you still want than yeah if you do me one ;)

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Anonymous asked: Any good eating out smut you can recommend?

Uhm not straight . Haha tumblr isn’t as dirty try archive of our own

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A/N: leaving this one untitled because of reasons. I think it will be cuter to read this way! Read your favourite’s first!!! xoxoxoox

Harry (Your POV) – “Morning,” Harry’s face was inches above you as you opened your eyes and you let out a small chuckle and rolled away. “Why are you up so…

I just screamed

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Harry – You arrived at the beach early. It was around 6am, the weather was amazing and the beach was empty. You turned round as you heard someone yell your name. You turned round to see Liam running towards you. “Hey Liam” you shouted back smiling. “I hope you’re ready for your first surfing…

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Hey Guys! Sorry it took so long to post this but I ended up getting carried away so this pref is really long! I hope you guys like it! :) xox


Harry – I was absolutely furious, Y/N had made me feel like such a bad person and a cheater just for taking a picture with a fan on a night…

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Hey guys! This is Part 1 of the ‘He treats you badly in front of the other boys’ preference, Part 2 will be up later tonight as well as a couple of other prefs if I can get them done! :) Any feedback you have would be awesome! xox

Harry – You woke up in the morning to find that Harry hadn’t…

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